Inspired through nature's artistry. Embodied beyond ceramic's infinity.

In MALACASA, we bring together art and life for a balmy dining moment.

Enrich Your Life Warm the Heart

We create more than kitchen and tabletop ideas. We craft ceramics traversing the essence of pottery heritage.

We make heirlooms from classic aesthetics with modern design. We expect our works to be part of your life.

And through sharing, we expect to pass on warmth to more families.

Our Mission

MALACASA is devoted to the renovation of tabletop adornment.

We open our mind pushing the boundaries of this endless topic. We aim for inspiration, renewal and transformation.

MALACASA embraces such warmth as to break the shackles upon us. We advocate a newer relation, humble and grateful. We strive for a better future, where ardency makes warmth, faithmakes possibilities.

MALACASA brand was established in 2015, with more than 9 years of tableware manufacturing experience. Our product lines range from daily dishes, condiments servers to baking utensils and other kitchen tools. Our products are sold to the United States, United Kingdom and some European countries.