Welcome to our collection of dinnerware! In this selection, you will find a wide range of dishes, dinnerware sets, plates, bowls, and other items for serving and enjoying your meals.
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      MALACASA Dinnerware adds a stylish flair to every meal. Made for daily use, our pieces mix toughness with a touch of elegance, making everyday eating a beautiful affair.

      Elegant Design Options:

      • Diverse Designs: The Flora series offers an array of delightful designs, featuring the distinctive wavy-shaped square dinnerware set. With mesmerizing marble variations in grey, blue, and pink, it caters to a wide range of aesthetic preferences, providing a comprehensive solution for all your dining needs.
      • Versatile Usage: Elisa Series showcases a timeless design with delicate details, making it suitable for all occasions. Each piece is crafted from high-quality porcelain, ensuring durability and longevity. 
      • Refined Details: The Amelia dinnerware set features a pristine off-white background crafted from hotel-grade white porcelain. Engineered for durability and chip resistance, this set is perfect for both everyday dining and special occasions in professional dining settings. Its robust construction and elegant design make it an ideal choice for the hospitality industry, offering a sophisticated dining experience.

      Built for Daily Life:

      MALACASA Dinnerware is made to keep up with your busy life, with sturdy bowls and plates that are up for anything, from extra helpings to the messiest meals. They stay looking new even after countless uses, thanks to a tough glaze that resists scratches. And when it comes to using them, it's a snap — they're designed to be grabbed and passed around easily, making both setting the table and cleaning up super simple.

      Versatile & Practical:

      MALACASA Dinnerware is all about mixing it up to match your vibe, with plates and bowls for every craving, big or small. It's not just about the grub; our dishes are the canvas for those fun moments, from giggles over the last slice to cozy breakfast banter.

      No matter what the occasion, MALACASA's inspired dinnerware collections make mealtimes special. Find the perfect set to bring meaning, joy, and tradition to dining experiences with those who mean the most.