The Ultimate Cereal Bowl Collection: Colors, Shapes, and Designs (2023)

Calling all cereal bowl enthusiasts and design lovers: get ready to drool over the latest must-haves for your morning ritual. This guide explores the ultimate cereal bowl collection for 2023 showcasing gorgeous new colors, shapes, and styles to spark joy in your daily routine.

Are you looking for a pop of color to brighten your breakfast nook? We’ve got bold and vibrant bowls in a rainbow of hues. Prefer an understated minimal look? Check out all-white porcelain and neutral earthy tones.

Want to make a sculptural style statement? Unique freeform and asymmetrical shapes abound. Whatever your home decor preferences, innovative materials from textured stoneware to polished concrete provide tactile delight.

MALACASA Flora Porcelain Cereal Bowls

Whether searching for yourself or curating the perfect gift, this collection introduces exciting handcrafted and mass-produced options to suit every taste. Compact sizes for small spaces meet jumbo bowls for the heartiest of appetites. Discover the ideal bowl to make your morning unforgettable, from playful patterns to sophisticated solids.

Let your bowl do the talking: quiet style, bold color, or stunning form, and fall in love with breakfast all over again. Dive into the delicious details and find your perfect new cereal bowl companion. The latest trends await you. So what will you crunch on? Read on!

Vibrant Colors

Ready to add a burst of cheer to your morning routine? Bold and vibrant colors reign supreme in the latest cereal bowl offerings. From vibrant primaries to ombre fades, bright styles wake up your tablescape and mood.

Red hot and sizzling, cherry red bowls make a passionate statement. Both matte and glossy finishes pop against neutral kitchen decor. Opt for gradient bowls blending orange and red for a bold sunset vibe. Burnt sienna bowls in rustic stoneware bring autumnal warmth.

  • Cobalt Blue Bowls Ocean Depths of Color

Whether deep midnight or brilliant azure, blue tones soothe and uplift. For turquoise lovers, bowls fading from blue to green convey an aqueous sense of calm. Teal bowls in retro speckled enamel offer whimsical pops of color.

Blue Stoneware Cereal Bowl

  • Nothing Says Good Morning Like Yellow

Cheerful bowls in lemon, daffodil, and marigolds cultivate an optimistic outlook. Pale buttery bowls evoke sunny warmth, while bright dandelion bowls awaken the senses. For golden tones, bowls in amber and mustard exude harvest warmth.

  • Vivid Violets and Plums

Eggplant and amethyst bowls project moody sophistication. Fuchsia bowls electrify your tabletop with pinkish-purple radiance for a vibrant jewel-like effect. Gradient bowls fading from raspberry to violet create an ombre sunset in your kitchen.

  • Colorful Dots and Patches

New bowls come speckled and splashed with irregular colorful dots and patches for an artisanal organic look. These uniquely patterned bowls offer visual texture and become conversational focal points and instant mood boosters.

Unique Bowl Shapes

Beyond vibrant hues, unique shapes transform cereal bowls into sculptural art for your table. From wavy rims to angular profiles, innovative new forms make a stylish splash.

  • Freeform and Asymmetrical Bowls

Freeform and asymmetrical bowls throw uniformity out the window. With uneven, undulating rims and asymmetric profiles, their organic shapes echo natural forms. Handcrafted in artisanal pottery or molded stoneware, these sculptural bowls become decorative focal points. Their whimsical wavy lines cultivate a relaxed, carefree feel.

MALACASA Elvira Marble Grey Porcelain Cereal Bowl

  • Geometric Bowls

For tailored mod style, geometric bowls reign supreme—octagonal bowls in retro speckled enamel or slick ceramic offer structured appeal. Hexagonal concrete bowls in muted minimalist hues project a mid-century modern edge. Angular and tapered, ovular bowls provide subtly oviform appeal.

  • Stackable Bowls

Are you looking to make an impact in a small space? New nesting and stackable bowls come in graduating sizes that fit neatly together. Made of lightweight, durable materials in various styles, separate bowls can be used individually or in combination for different servings. Their innovative interlocking design creates an attractive cascading display.

Tableware Trends – Innovative Materials

Beyond shape and color alone, innovative new materials make significant style statements. From concrete to enameled metal, materials matter in the latest cereal bowls. Their unique textures, sheens, and durability transform your breakfast experience.

  • Stoneware

Textured stoneware and ceramic bowls reign supreme for an artisanal look with tactile delight. Unglazed stoneware in earthy terracotta tones feels pleasantly pebbled to the touch. Their permeable, matte surfaces mellow beautifully over time, developing a silky patina.

  • Concrete

Polished concrete bowls offer smooth contrast. Molded from tinted concrete and lacquered to a glossy finish, these sophisticated bowls highlight the material’s practical nature through the refined form. Pale hues soften concrete’s gritty reputation, while dark tones amplify its sleekness. Their substantial weight provides an anchoring presence.

  • Metal

Enamel-coated metal bowls make gleaming statements. Coated metal bowls shine brightly, from candy-colored aluminum and steel to copper bowls. Their glossy finish and metallic sheen create eye-catching glints of light. Durable and chip-resistant, enamel bowls retain vibrancy through daily use and dishwashing.

  • Wood

Wood bowls finished with food-grade oils or waxes make stunning additions for natural warmth. Live-edge wood bowls showcase the organic Drama of woodgrain. Simple round wood bowls allow wood types from maple to walnut to take center stage. Finished to a silky sheen, wood bowls age beautifully, developing a gloss that further softens their appeal over time through use.

Simple and Minimal

All-white porcelain bowls project a new style. Offered in various sizes, from petite to jumbo, porcelain bowls diversify your options. Their bright white glaze and translucent quality cultivate an open, airy feel. All-white bowls awaken the senses and uplift the mood with their clean, crisp simplicity.

Subtly textured bowls in ecru, ivory, and eggshell exude muted elegance. Glazed or unglazed in the finish, their pale hues whisper of natural warmth. Ivory-colored bowls with irregular handcrafted details reflect artisanal minimalism.

For organic understatement, unglazed stoneware in creamy oatmeal tones softens tailored forms through a matte sandy texture. Tan bowls in colors of sand, camel, and light caramel evoke wistful warmth.

Their pebbled, matte surfaces convey rustic humility. Slip-cast ceramic bowls with reactive speckled glazes in pale nutty browns create visual depth through tonal variations.

For casual simplicity, neutral bowls in linen, flax, and weathered, woodsy hues project laid-back charm. Unglazed bowls in fiber-reactive clay develop a muted patina over time and through handling. Their matte, porous surfaces encourage sensory delight in each warm, earthy bite.

Final Words

MALACASA offers a vast array of cereal bowls for every style and space. From crisp porcelain to textured stoneware and subtle neutrals to vibrant hues, options abound in rounded, squared, sculptural, and handcrafted forms. With an unparalleled selection of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes, MALACASA aims to spark joy at your breakfast table through simple beauty alone.

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