Top Minimalist Porcelain Dinnerware Sets for a Modern Table


  1. Main characteristics of minimalist dinnerware
  2. Some modern table styles that pair well with minimalist dinnerware
  3. Similarities and differences between minimalist styles
  4. Pairing suggestions for minimalist dinnerware
  5. Maintenance for minimalist dinnerware
  6. Final words

Are you looking for simple yet stylish dining area looks? Well! You can generate one with a minimalist dinnerware set of your choice. Remember! It is not necessary to always use colors to grab your visitor's attention. You can always create more with less when incorporating grace and elegance. Explore some fantastic minimalist dining area settings and make your dining space look classy.

Minimalist dinnerware has a touch of simplicity and elegance. You can always go right with a minimalist set, whether you have a professional business dinner or hosting a birthday party for your friends and family. You can always use minimalist dinnerware to fascinate your guests.

There is no need to panic while selecting the perfect dinnerware, as we are here again with a well-researched blog post. This guide will explore some essential characteristics of minimalist dinnerware and how you can generate a modern table setting with such simple dinnerware. 

In the following section, we will discover the main features of minimalist dinnerware and how it can assist you in generating your ideal look.  

Main characteristics of minimalist dinnerware

If you are in the process of selecting your dream dinnerware, keep in mind these critical features of minimalist dinnerware sets: 

Simplicity: Such sets are known for their elegant looks, and that elegance is due to their unmatched simplicity. Minimalist dinnerware sets usually have plain designs. They have a very straightforward and simple form, such as a circle or rectangle. These sets don’t have bright designs; instead, they emphasize the function. 

MALACASA Jera 16 Piece Bone China Dinnerware Set

Neutral hues: Minimalist sets are generally available in natural colors like grey, white, or cream. Such neutral colors give the dinnerware an aesthetic look.

Clean surfaces: The surface of minimalist dinnerware sets is usually clean and free from textures. This clean surface creates a sleek look, making the dining table look sophisticated. Yes! You can create the best dining table look without elaborate patterns.

Basic shapes: The minimalist dinnerware usually has basic geometric shapes like circles or rectangles. These shapes create a sense of order and generate a balanced dining look.

Thin structure: The minimalist dinnerware has thin rims on plates and shallow bowls. This makes it very stylish with a lightweight appearance. Such a dinnerware set is easy to carry and clean.

High quality: It is one of the main characteristics of minimalist dinnerware. Everyone wants to get a modern dinnerware set without any compromise on quality. Minimalist dinnerware sets typically contain porcelain, bone china, or stoneware. Porcelain, specifically, is quite famous for its strength and sophisticated finish. If you want a simple yet elegant porcelain minimalist dinnerware, check out the MALACASA collection to get the best fit for your dining table. To explore the collection, click here.

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Versatility: Minimalist dinnerware is versatile and can easily be incorporated into any dining setting. You can never go wrong with minimalist dinnerware from casual to formal dining occasions.

Now that we have discussed the characteristics of minimalist dinnerware, it is the right time to explore some modern table styles that can go well with minimalist dinnerware.

Some modern table styles that pair well with minimalist dinnerware

1. Scandinavian design: This design is famous for its minimalist aesthetics. You can pair a lovely porcelain minimalist dinnerware with light wood furniture and a neutral color scheme in the dining area. It will create a very harmonious table setting inspired by Scandinavian design.

2. Mid-Century Modern: If you are into vintage look, this design is the perfect choice for you. Consider adding iconic mid-century tableware pieces with vintage table settings. It will create a sense of nostalgia, making your dining experiences memorable.

3. Industrial minimalist: You can use Industrial-style furniture, such as dining tables and chairs, to create a contemporary and sleek look. A perfect contrast between industrial-style elements and the simplicity of dinnerware proves to be visually appealing.

4. Bohemian Style: Consider using textured tablecloths with natural centerpieces. It will bring a natural calmness to your dining area. It is a perfect blend of minimalism and warmth.

5. Japanese Zen: It is a table setting inspired by the Japanese. You can pair your minimalist dinnerware with bamboo mats and chopsticks to create a Japanese style. Minimalist dinnerware styles have many similarities, but at the same time, they have some very prominent differences. Let’s discuss a few of them to let you explore your preferred style.

Similarities and differences between minimalist styles

Scandinavian Minimalist vs. Japanese Zen


  • Both minimalist dinnerware styles give weightage to simplicity.
  • Both focus on clean lines.
  • Both emphasize minimalist shapes with smooth and clean surfaces.
  • Both are versatile and create aesthetic table settings.


  • Scandinavian dinnerware typically incorporates geometric design, while the Japanese Zen emphasizes plain designs.
  • Scandinavian dinnerware sets are more into porcelain or bone china, while Japanese Zen typically features organic materials like stoneware.

Industrial vs. Mid-Century Modern


  • Both of these styles embrace a simple look.
  • Both emphasize muted and neutral colors.
  • Both focus on thin profiles and basic designs.


  • Industrial dinnerware typically has elements like exposed metal in its design, while mid-century modern dinnerware focuses on the use of organic shapes.
  • Mid-century modern dinnerware has more curves, giving it a retro touch, while industrial dinnerware has a more utilitarian look.

Pairing suggestions for minimalist dinnerware

You can pair your minimalist dinnerware with other dining table elements, such as white linens. It is a very classic choice that will definitely complement your minimalist dinnerware. You can also use natural fiber mats to add a sense of warmth to your dining table.

It is recommended to go for transparent glassware with minimalist dinnerware. For example, you can add clear wine glasses to give a sense of lightness. If you want to use colored glassware, go for the ones with muted colors, such as grey or pale blue.

You can add minimalist candles to create a simple yet romantic vibe at your dining table setting. You can also add a single flower to complement your dinnerware's aesthetic.

MALACASA Flora Marble Grey 26 Piece Porcelain Dinnerware Set

You are now ready to create your minimalist dining table setting with the best minimalist dinnerware. Still, it is also crucial to consider the maintenance of minimalist dinnerware to avoid any undesirable situation.

Maintenance for minimalist dinnerware

If you want your minimalist dinnerware to retain its beauty, you must be very careful about its maintenance. Here are some useful tips to maintain the minimalist dinnerware:

Use soft sponge: While washing minimalist dinnerware, avoid using abrasive scrubbers. It is recommended to use a soft sponge to avoid any scratching.

Avoid extreme temperature: To maintain a minimalist dinnerware, avoid its exposure to extreme temperatures. Although porcelain minimalist dinnerware sets have high heat resistance, you still need to avoid exposure to rapid temperature variation.

Oven use: Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for oven use. Most minimalist dinnerware sets are oven-friendly, but you need to be clear with the guidelines before exposing them to the oven or microwave.

Final words

It is always a good idea to incorporate minimalist dinnerware to create a sleek dining table look. Particularly, porcelain minimalist dinnerware is famous for its durability and strength. With careful selection and styling, you can create a minimalist dining table setting that complements your style.

Maintaining minimalist dinnerware is vital if you want to retain its beauty. Clean it gently with a soft sponge, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, and always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for use and care. By following these useful maintenance tips, you can extend the lifespan of your minimalist dinnerware.

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