Selecting The Right Porcelain Dinnerware Set for Your Home

MALACASA Flora 26 Piece Dinnerware Set

Dinnerware is the focal point on a dining table that enhances the visual appeal of the food. Dinnerware comes in different materials but porcelain dinnerware sets are getting most popular these days. The porcelain dinnerware sets come in a wide range of styles and colors—giving you a perfect opportunity to reflect your preferences. These dinnerware sets are easier to maintain than bone china or glass.

Here's a smart guide to select the right porcelain dinnerware set for your home!

Choosing the Right Size for Your Home

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You can consider the eating patterns of you and your family members as well as your kitchen storage facility to determine the right size of dinnerware for your home.  If the size of your existing dinnerware set is appropriate you can surely use it as a standard. But if not, you can consider other factors for each of its pieces. For plates, avoid choosing plates with wider rims as they consume more of the serving capacity of your plates. However, it’s the best choice if you’re shifting to a healthy diet and want to reduce the portion size of your meal.
When it comes to bowls—always prefer round-bottomed ones as they’re easy to eat from. Moreover, if you love eating cereal, then you must consider deep bowls and if you’re a soup lover—go for a shallow soup bowl. You can also pick a cereal bowl if you are more into choosing an all-purpose bowl.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Home

MALACASA Flora 18 Piece Dinnerware Set

Porcelain dinnerware comes in a variety of colors that you can choose as per your taste. If you want to complement a modern feel in your home, choose a clean and simple style within a soft color palette. Neutral colors such as ivory and white are the most versatile dinnerware options for a perfect dining experience at home. We prefer using white porcelain dinnerware for its ability to enhance the appearance of the food. White dinnerware provides a timeless and elegant base to add accent pieces of any color. You can pair it up with dark-colored napkins or golden metallic cutlery to add more luxury to your dining experience. You can easily match white porcelain dinnerware to your existing one. It also adds a nautical feel to the atmosphere of your home.

Choosing the Right Design for Your Home

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When it comes to choosing a dinnerware design—there are plenty of exciting options to go for. But the problem occurs when your brand-new porcelain dinnerware comes with busy yet fascinating patterns that start looking dated with the passage of time. Therefore, we always recommend picking high-quality plain porcelain dinnerware with a classic look to offer a blank canvas for the meal. A simple white platter creates a statement and keeps the diner’s focus drawn to their favorite food. If you want to add thrill to your dining experience, go for a square dinnerware set. Square plates and bowls come with better food handling capability—making them an excellent choice for a formal dining setting. Square dinnerware not only streamlines your dining experience but also adds an aesthetic appeal to the dining table. You can use it to spice up your table and follow any dining décor theme at any time.

What to Consider When Buying a Porcelain Dinnerware Set of Dishes?

Buying a dinnerware set requires some of your attention to make the right decision. There are some factors that you must consider while buying a porcelain dinnerware set. First of all, identify the purpose of buying a porcelain dinnerware set to help you know its use—formal or informal. Next, you can determine your budget to help you make all the other choices accordingly. You can then consider the number of servings that the porcelain dinnerware set offers. The design and size of your plates, bowls, and saucer must also be in accordance with your needs. The surface area of a plate must be broad enough to let you enjoy your meal. There must be ample space to include a portion of stir-fried vegetables with your favorite steak or any other food that’s on the menu. Square dinnerware has an ideal shape of plates that provide a sufficient serving area for any kind of meal. It also provides enough space to present the food aesthetically, making it a hot pick by home decor devotees and restaurant owners.


It is super crucial to make the right choices while selecting the porcelain dinnerware set for your home. An aesthetically appealing and equally functional porcelain dinnerware set can simply boost your pleasure of dining. So just use these ideas to bring the most durable and appealing porcelain dinnerware set home!


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