Preserving the Pristine Shine of Bone China: Addressing Discoloration from Dishwashing


  1. Understanding the Delicate Nature of Bone China
  2. Vulnerability to Dishwashing Discoloration
  3. Addressing Discoloration Challenges
  4. Careful Handling and Storage
  5. Periodic Gentle Cleaning
  6. Conclusion

Bone China shares a pristine shine that needs careful handling during its cleaning. The beautiful shine and delicate touch of Bone China add the utmost charm to your table setting. A dinnerware set is a fundamental element in making your dinner table look impressive and tempting. Bone china has all the good qualities to elevate the dining experience.

You can enjoy the elegant aesthetic of Bone China longer if you take care of it in the right way. Careful handling of Bone China makes its captivating sheen stay with you for a long time. The careful handling includes vigilant food serving in Bone China dinnerware and its gentle cleaning. Although Bone China is durable, it requires attentive handling during cleaning to avoid scratching, chipping, and cracking.

In the following blog, we will discuss in detail how we can make the pristine shine of Bone China stay longer and what tips and tricks to wash Bone China dinnerware carefully to avoid discoloration:

Understanding the Delicate Nature of Bone China

Bone China is basically made of clay. Kaolin, quartz, and bone ashes are mixed with clay to give Bone China maximum durability and translucent texture. The delicate texture of Bone China is more prone to chipping and cracking than other dinnerware materials. The elegant aesthetic of Bone China makes it stand out, but the amazing glow requires you to handle it with tender hands.

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Vulnerability to Dishwashing Discoloration

Bone China dinnerware shares an excellent and amazing aesthetic vibe to your dining table setting. The lavish look of Bone China adds a sense of delicate attribution. The translucent texture makes the food look more tempting and stunning. The price of Bone China dinnerware is higher than other dinnerware materials due to its majestic look and tremendous quality. Once you invest in a Bone China dinnerware set, you want to enjoy it as long as possible.

The issue that concerns us most while using Bone China dinnerware is that it gets discolored sooner than other materials. The issue needs a little extra care to be resolved easily. You need to acknowledge the factors that contribute to the discoloring of beautiful Bone China dinnerware. Here we describe each factor to help you better understand how you can avoid discoloration:

Harsh Detergents

Harsh detergents are responsible for making your pretty Bone China dinner set fade away sooner. You must check the dishwashing detergent before purchasing, and it must contain gentle washing components. The dishwashing liquid or soap, which contains high amounts of chemical compounds, damages the surface of the dinnerware set. It makes the shine dull. The colors of your beautiful Bone China dishes get pale when you use harsh detergents regularly.

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High Temperatures

Exposure to high temperatures can lead to the discoloration of Bone China dinnerware. Dishwashers usually work at high temperatures to ensure thorough and sanitized cleaning. However, the intensity of high temperatures makes the surfaces of dishes dull and pale. When combined with the intense heat of dishwashers, harsh detergents can badly affect the texture of Bone china. The harmful combination makes the Bone China texture prone to chipping and cracking. The beautiful shine is spoiled, and the lifeless surfaces make no impression.

Abrasive Action

Dishwashers rub the surfaces of dishes with brushes. Continuous rubbing with brushes scratches the surface of Bone China dishes. The delicate texture needs tender handling and washing. The aggressive way of cleaning, with which dishwashers wash Bone China dishes, weakens their structure. The chances of cracking and chipping double after continuous use of the dishwasher for cleaning Bone China dishes. The scrubbing and rubbing can mar the stunning shine of gorgeous Bone China.

Addressing Discoloration Challenges

It is easy to address discoloration challenges if you apply a simple and careful cleaning routine for Bone China Dinnerware. You need to be careful and focused during the cleaning process. The discoloration can be minimized by adopting a simple washing routine. Here is the detailed description:

Apply Proper Washing Techniques

Bone China comprises a delicate structure and sophisticated glow. You need to be tender while washing it. Hand washing is better than using dishwashers. The beautiful and lush texture must be rubbed by the hands gently to clean all the food particles. The use of a hard brush or sponge can scratch the dish surface. You must use a soft sponge to rub the Bone China dishes for cleaning. Always prefer using lukewarm water. It would be good to rinse dishes before applying any dishwashing soap or liquid. The hard food particles must be removed gently before rubbing the dishes with dishwashing detergents to avoid scratching. You must avoid being harsh when gripping or rubbing the dishes. You need to dry each dish thoroughly after washing. The wet surfaces can have stains after being dried if not soaked with a dry, soft cloth.

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Avoiding Harsh Cleaning Products

Harsh cleaning products are responsible for making your new Bone China Dinnerware set look older. You must avoid dishwashing detergents that offer abrasive chemicals for quick cleaning. The dishwashing detergents with harsh chemicals damage the structure and shine of Bone China. You must choose a mild dishwashing detergent. You can opt for dish cleaners that are specifically made for cleaning Bone China dishes. You must avoid using bleach to clean Bone China. You can dip the dishes with hard stains in lukewarm water and then clean them with mild cleaners. Avoid scrubbing stubborn stains aggressively or using abrasive cleaners for a hasty clean.

Careful Handling and Storage

Bone China owes a long life span if you handle it properly. The careful handling and storage of Bone China is necessary to make its shine last longer. The appropriate handling includes the focused washing and drying process. Bone China dishes need gentle cleaning. You must avoid using abrasive cleaners and hard brushes or sponges. Careless cleaning can turn a shiny Bone China dinner set to pale surfaces. The lifeless look of dishes does not add any aesthetic charm to your dining table. You need to avoid using dishwashers to clean Bone China Dinnerware because the continuous use of dishwashers can make Bone China dishes look dull and weaken their structure. The prolonged use of dishwashers makes Bone China prone to chipping and cracking.

The storage of Bone China dinnerware needs precision. You must dry it properly before storage. It would be good to store Bone China in a spacious and airy place. Some pieces of soft cloth between each piece are necessary to place when you put plates and bowls above each other during the storage process. The soft cloth will prevent the rubbing of dishes with each other.

Make sure to display your Bone China dinnerware safely. It would be good to use cabinets that are not opened every time. Choose the cabinets that are set aside to avoid excessive use of delicate Bone China. Moreover, you must rotate the pieces on display to ensure that all the pieces are used periodically. It will help you in making your Bone China dishes glow longer.

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Periodic Gentle Cleaning

Periodic gentle cleaning helps prolong the life span of beautiful Bone China dinnerware. You must schedule periodic gentle cleaning regularly. The periodic cleaning includes a mild cleaner specially composed for Bone China washing and two soft cloths or sponges for washing and drying. You need to wash Bone China dishes with a mixture of lukewarm water and mild detergent. Then, rinse out dishes thoroughly to ensure that all the detergent particles are washed off. You should dry dishes with a soft cloth. Keep the dishes in the open air, preferably on the kitchen shelf or table, for some time to ensure they are completely free of moisture. Then, store the beautiful Bone China Dinnerware in a cool, dry, and airy space, placing soft cloths between all the pieces, which are put above each other to avoid knocking.


To conclude, you can enjoy the wonderful sheen of gorgeous Bone China Dinnerware if you keep it clean properly. The cleaning process must be gentle and followed by a tender drying process and careful storage display. Careful occasional handling and periodic gentle cleaning ensure a long life span for your precious Bone China Dinnerware set.

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