Elevate Your Table Setting with Porcelain Serving Dishes


  1. What is Porcelain?
  2. Benefits of Using Porcelain Serving Dishes
  3. Types of Porcelain Serving Dishes
  4. How to Set a Table with Porcelain Serving Dishes
  5. Tips for Presenting Food on Porcelain Serving Dishes
  6. Cleaning and Caring for Your Porcelain Dishes
  7. Conclusion

Porcelain serving dishes elevate the look of your table and add a level of practicality and durability to your dinnerware collection. Whether hosting a fancy dinner party or a casual brunch with friends, porcelain serving dishes are the perfect addition to your table setting.

In this blog post, we'll share some tips and tricks for using porcelain serving dishes to host in style and impress your guests. Get ready to take your table setting to the next level with these porcelain serving dish ideas!

What is Porcelain?

Porcelain is a type of ceramic material that is renowned for its glassy, translucent appearance and low porosity. It is created by baking a wide range of ceramic products at high temperatures causing the material to develop its characteristic qualities. Porcelain can be found in a variety of products, including tableware, decorative china, dental crowns, chemical ware, and electrical insulators.

Benefits of Using Porcelain Serving Dishes

A beautiful table setting can make any meal feel more special and memorable. One way to elevate your table setting is by using porcelain serving dishes. Here are some benefits of using porcelain serving dishes!

Not Just for Dinnerware

Porcelain is not just for dinnerware! It offers a wide variety of serving dishes, such as bowls, platters, tea sets, and even vases. This greater variety of products allows you to showcase your personal style and preferences in your dining experience. From elegant and classic to modern and trendy, porcelain serving dishes come in a range of designs and colors that can fit any occasion.

Break-free Dining

One of the biggest concerns with ceramic tableware is the risk of unintentional breakage. However, using porcelain serving dishes can alleviate this concern. If you've ever wondered how that one porcelain dinnerware set survived in the family heirloom, the credit goes to the dense quality of porcelain!

Keep Your Food Hot and Fresh

Porcelain serving dishes are heat-resistant, so they do not get cracked or damaged due to heated food. This quality makes them perfect for serving hot dishes, from soups to casseroles. Porcelain is also microwave safe, so don't worry about heating leftover pasta in your grandma's porcelain bowl!

Effortless Handling

Porcelain serving dishes are lightweight yet strong, making them easy to handle and carry. Unlike heavier tableware, they do not strain your arms, allowing you to enjoy your meal without any discomfort.

MALACASA Blance Porcelain Serving Dishes Set of 2

Types of Porcelain Serving Dishes

Here's a closer look at the different types of porcelain serving dishes available:


Platters are flat, large porcelain serving dishes that are perfect for serving up all sorts of goodies, from juicy steaks to freshly baked cookies!


Porcelain bowls have always been versatile, with such a wide variety to choose from. From abstract motifs to intricate hand-painted patterns, these bowls add life to the dinner table and make your food look ten times more appealing!

MALACASA Marble Grey Small Porcelain Sharing Bowls Set of 2


Porcelain tureens almost didn't make the list, but this broad, deep vessel will make you feel like royalty at the dinner table! Adorned with stunning patterns on the outside, tureens are perfect for serving stews and soups, while keeping them warm on those cold winter nights!

Sauce Boats

Spice up your salad dressing game with sauce boats, an essential dinnerware dish that brings your family roast or Sunday dinner together! With this handy vessel, you can add a formal touch to your desserts, salads, and gravy over the holidays!

Cake Stands

Porcelain stands are a baker's best friend, with an incredible variety of patterns, shapes, and designs to choose from. From wedding cakes to birthday cupcakes, porcelain cake stands to add the oomph you need for your baked goodies presentation.

MALACASA Flora Porcelain Soup Pot with Lid

How to Set a Table with Porcelain Serving Dishes

Mix and Match Porcelain

Don't be afraid to mix and match different porcelain serving dishes, experimentation is key to a stunning table's cape! If you're going for white serving dishes, you can spice it up with a floral charger and a bread plate with geometric patterns.

Substitute Plates with Bowls

Nowadays, plates have become bygones, so it's better to invest in a set of porcelain dinner bowls. Choose a porcelain bowl set according to the occasion: for small gatherings, serve in a large bowl with various elements put together, and for large gatherings, use medium-sized bowls that make the portions look sizable.

Add a Centerpiece

A centerpiece is a pivotal element in your table's cape that helps to bring the entire theme together, whether you're hosting brunch with friends or Thanksgiving Dinner with the beloved fam. These can be anything from candles and artistic vases to a stunning flower arrangement that might even become an icebreaker!

Tips for Presenting Food on Porcelain Serving Dishes

Get ready to impress your guests! Here's how to present food on porcelain serving dishes!

Use Contrasting Colors

Do you ever wonder why restaurants serve food in white dinnerware only? That's because they want the food to have a stage of its own and let the colors shine and the flavors speak. Try to create a contrasting harmony between your food and serve ware, and you will see the difference it makes!

Play with Patterns

Now that you've invested in porcelain serving dishes it's time to play with various textures, patterns, and shapes to create a visual masterpiece. Pair an antique porcelain dinner plate with a stoneware charger plate, and let the textures dominate the tablescape!

Garnish Thoughtfully

A little bit of garnish can go a long way in elevating the presentation of your dishes. Avoid scattering your garnish aimlessly. Instead, place every bit thoughtfully, so your presentation is always 'gram ready!

Keep it Simple

Sometimes, less is more. Don't overcrowd your dishes with too many elements as it can be overwhelming. Let the food speak for itself and use the porcelain dishes as a beautiful backdrop!

Cleaning and Caring for Your Porcelain Dishes

If you don't know how to care for and clean the precious porcelain dinnerware that your grandma gifted you, don't worry. Here are some useful tips!

Store with Care

Place cushioning items like foam pads, napkins, and packing peanuts when storing porcelain serving dishes to avoid scuff marks.

Avoid Submerging in Water

If you allow the porcelain serving plates to be submerged in water long enough, the water can potentially seep through and affect the appearance of your precious dinnerware. Remember, porcelain is water resistant, not waterproof!

Gentle Detergents

Use gentle detergents to clean your porcelain dishes. Harsh chemicals can damage the surface and cause discoloration.

Keep the Dishwasher on the Lowest Setting

When loading the dishwasher, make sure that the porcelain plates don't come in contact with each other, use the gentle wash setting and allow the pieces to cool before taking them out.


Porcelain serving dishes are a versatile and elegant addition to any table setting. With their durability, variety of styles and designs, and ease of care, they are a great investment for any household. So why not add some porcelain serving dishes to your collection and impress your guests at your next gathering?

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