Entertaining With Elegance: Coordinating Cookie Decorating With Your Porcelain Dinnerware Sets


  1. How to Select Cookie Shapes and Icing Colors That Match Modern Dinnerware Sets
  2. Tips to Choose Cookie Shape With Modern Dinnerware Sets
  3. Tips for Choosing Colors of Icing
  4. Step-By-Step Guide on Elegant Cookie Design
  5. Themed Cookie Decoration for Holidays
  6. Storage and Handling of Decorative Cookies
  7. Final Thought

Parties are always fun, whether it is a friend and family together or a formal dinner party. The entertaining ambiance of parties makes them an irresistible part of our lives. We think about the theme of a party that includes décor elements and specific meal courses, but the table setting is given less importance. We ignore the fact that a table setting can double your party charm. An attractive dinner table setting offers an enchanting visual treat that impresses your guest.

A table setting includes tasty meals with stunning décor. You must remember that including yummy food and décor elements is not enough to make your table setting stand out. You must understand how you should make your dinner table setting cohesive to enhance the taste of your feast. The coherent balance of all the items, like dinnerware, food presentation, and decorative things on a dinner table, makes it beautiful and eye-catching.

In the following blog, we will give you tips and tricks about how to arrange a table cohesively by adding cookies as a yummy part of the meal course as well as a significant element of the table décor:

Cookie has been equally favorite with kids and elders. A table is incomplete without a cookie at festivals. The party table offers a lavish feast with colorful cookies. The first thing that comes to mind with a cookie is its shape and icing color. You must be creative when opting for shapes and icing colors of cookies. The cookies must be integrated with the table theme.

One remarkable idea is to match cookies with the dinnerware design. It will create a harmonized layout for the table setting. Porcelain dinnerware serves best in this regard. You can have fantastic porcelain designs that you can easily match with the shapes and icing colors of cookies.

Consider Contemporary Shapes

Contemporary shapes of cookies go better with modern dinnerware sets. You can try various modern shapes, like neat geometrical lines that add grace to your cookies. Circular, square, triangle, hexagon, etc., are some of the in-trend cookie shapes. You can go for nature-inspired modernism, like cookies in the shapes of leaves, flowers, petals, pebbles, etc. The cookies in natural shapes will better match the designs of modern dinnerware sets. Rectangular or oval shapes are also good to match with fancy cookie plates. You can add impressive depth by adding layers to your cookies, matching the design of the dinnerware.

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Consider Integrating Sizes with Shapes

Keep in mind the sizes of cookie plates. For bigger plates, you can customize larger cookies, while for smaller plates, small cookies will look better.

Match Cookie Shape and Size With The Overall Theme

The overall theme matters a lot when choosing the shapes and sizes of cookies. Shapes and sizes must complement the main theme. You can opt for circular or star shapes to match with décor elements, or you can go for delicate natural shapes like leaves, pebbles, etc., to match the designs of dinnerware sets. You can opt for abstract shapes if the theme is fancy and simple geometrical shapes enhance the traditional table-setting themes.

Tips for Choosing Colors of Icing

Coordinate With Colors of Dinnerware Sets

Consider the colors of the dinnerware set. The matching colors of cookies with the dinnerware set will create a harmonized look.

Create a Wise Contrast

The contrasting color scheme looks amazing if you choose colors wisely. You can use dark-toned cookies on lighter shades of dinner plates. The contrast will create a visually balanced and stunning look.

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Beautiful ivory dinnerware is the best way to present yummy cookies. The fabulous combination of the ivory dinner set and tasty cookies elevates your table setting to the next level. You can win the appreciation of your guest by decorating cookies beautifully and then enhancing their taste and look by presenting them on an ivory plate. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to design an elegant cookie that makes a classic duo with the ivory plate:

First, take all the ingredients necessary for making the dough and icing. Measure all components precisely to have a perfect come out. The ingredients for the dough include flour, baking powder, butter, etc. Put the cookie cutter and icing ingredients, too.

Second, select the cookie flavor that goes well with the event. If it is family fun together, you must keep in mind your family’s favorite flavor. Prepare the dough by choosing the best recipe for your favorite flavor.

Third, cut out shapes of your choice. The classical shapes, like round, square, and rectangle, look classy with the ivory dinnerware set.

Fourth, follow the baking instructions precisely. The perfect baking makes cookies delicious and beautiful. Let the cookies cool down completely.

Fifth, choose themes for cookies. You can opt for matching colors of ivory, like lighter tones and calming shades. Dark and fancy icing colors create a stunning contrast with ivory dinnerware. The ivory tone works as a neutral background to boost the beauty of cookies designed with fancy icing colors.

Sixth, apply the icing in different designs. Your creativity makes cookies look awesome. You can follow the designs of the ivory dinnerware sets to create a harmonized and elegant look.

Seventh, add decorative elements like edible sprinkles and pearls. The decoration must complement the sophistication of the ivory dinnerware set.

Eighth, let the cookie set with its icing for some minutes without moving it anywhere.

Last but not least, arrange cookies on the ivory plate beautifully. The visual appeal of the arrangement is a must-have when setting cookies on the ivory plate. You can arrange cookies in various designs and shapes on a plate.

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Themed cookie decoration for holidays creates a lavish feast. You can decorate cookies in the colors of an event. On Christmas, you can add shapes that complement the wonderful event. The matching décor of the Christmas tree and cookies will create an intimate and splendid look with a sophisticated ivory dinnerware set. On Easter, you can use customized cookie shapes like bunnies and eggs. The edible pearls in multiple colors on cookies will look fantastic, and the ivory plate will give a graceful yet neutralized background to enhance the multicolor decoration. Halloween looks more enchanting if you add orange and yellow sprinkles and pebbles to your cookie décor. The beautiful yellow and orange tones make ivory dinnerware appear cozier.

Storage and Handling of Decorative Cookies

  • Here are some tips for storing and handling decorative cookies perfectly:
  • Let the cookies set with icing for an ample amount of time.
  • Handle cookies carefully and gently. Ensure you have clean and dry hands.
  • Use parchment paper between cookies when storing them to prevent them from touching, which is essential for keeping flavors fresh and distinct.
  • Store cookies in an air-tight container to protect them from moisture, which can compromise their flavor. The tip will also work greatly in transporting decorative cookies.
  • Prefer storing decorative cookies at room temperature in a dry place. Severe temperature variations can affect the taste of cookies and icing.
  • To maximize the shelf life of your decorative cookies, be sure to adhere closely to these storage and handling instructions.

Final Thought

You can enjoy cookies more than ever before if you take care of their shapes and decoration. The porcelain dinnerware serves the best to convey the delicate charm and irresistible taste of decorative cookies. You can impress your guests with your enchanting creativity by matching your cookie decoration layouts with the design of porcelain dinnerware sets. The harmonized setting of the table enhances the visual appeal of your yummy cookies. So, next time, elevate the taste and appearance of your table setting by combining decorative cookies and gorgeous porcelain dinnerware.

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