Creative Ways to Use Dessert Plates in Interior Decorating


  1. Use Dessert Plates As Wall Art
  2. Create Plate Collages
  3. Use Them As Trays
  4. Think Creatively To Improve Your Interior Décor
  5. Final Words

Dessert plates don't just have to be used to serve sweet treats at a meal's end. With creativity and imagination, those decorative plates collecting dust in your cupboard can be repurposed into stylish accents that spruce up your home.

Forget the idea of matching plates and embrace their kitschy colors or floral patterns. When grouped on a wall or tabletop, mismatched plates transform into eye-catching works of art.

Arrange plates into collages, use them as catchalls throughout your home, or hand them as ornaments. So, the possibilities are endless. Take a fresh look at your dessert plate collection and get ready to unleash your inner interior designer.

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Use Dessert Plates As Wall Art

Rather than stowing modern dinnerware sets of matching porcelain or stoneware plates, bring them front and center on your walls. Eye-catching groupings of plates create focal points in any room.

Start with a white dinnerware set for a crisp look, or incorporate plates in colors that accent your decor. Focus on varying sizes, shapes, or rim patterns when curating an engaging display.

Arrange plates in a straight line for a sophisticated look, or stagger them on the wall for extra whimsy. Leave equal space between each plate or cluster them together. There are no rules when it comes to plate walls.

Don't stop at just one wall. Wrap plate displays around doorways. You can also linger them onto adjacent walls for a gallery feel. Keep plates in the same color family or mix a variety of vibrant hues. A plate wall also allows the combining of porcelain and stoneware plates for contrast.

Do you feel worried about plates falling or furniture bumping into them? Choose lightweight stoneware plates and secure them to walls using wall putty or double-sided tape if you want to swap plates in and out or try different arrangements.

Create Plate Collages

Don't relegate plates to walls alone. Create freestanding collages using plates as decorative tiles. Start with a large board, canvas, or wooden box lid. Then arrange an assortment of plates on your surface, leaving some space between each plate.

Straight lines and grid patterns are neat, but overlapping plates at varied angles give collages a more dynamic feel. Use a combination of plate sizes, from small bread plates to large dinner plates.

Mix and match plate colors, rim designs, and materials. Leave the center open or fill it with a large platter for extra pops of color. Once plates have been placed, secure them to the board with strong craft glue.

Run a thin bead of glue along the rim of each plate, press firmly to secure it in place, and hold for 30 seconds as it dries. Arrange dessert plates so they slightly overlap for extra bonding strength.

Embellish your plate collage further with decorative touches like ribbon, string, or raffia woven between and around plates for a textured look. Floral picks, greenery, and colorful utensil handles tucked around plate edges make collages more dimensional.

Use Them As Trays

Put plates to work organizing your space. Start with small bread plates or saucers to corral clutter on dressers and tabletops. Place plates next to entryways to hold keys, mail, and chargers as you walk in. Label each plate with a permanent marker to keep everything straight.

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Use a trio of dinner plates on a counter to sort recipes in the kitchen. You can also put dishes on a kitchen island to keep essential tools like whisks, silicone brushes, and measuring cups at hand while cooking.

The organizational possibilities of plates are endless throughout your home. And since you're repurposing what you already have, it's an affordable solution to clutter.

As your needs change, switch out the plates being used as organizers. There's no easier way to establish order than with stylish dessert plates that contain whatever your space requires.

Think Creatively To Improve Your Interior Décor

With some simple techniques, you will discover plates can serve purposes beyond the dining table as tableware sets. Put them on display, organize your space, elevate tables, or liven up walls.

However you employ them, plates add a decorative touch and shabby chic style throughout your home. Rediscover the decorative potential of your dessert plate collection and unleash your creativity.

  • Coasters

Turn dessert plates into handy drink coasters. Apply felt furniture pads, corkboard, or adhesive-backed felt dots to the underside of plates. The pads prevent scratching and slipping on tabletops.

Arrange plates in a circle for maximum coverage under glasses or in a straight line down the center of a coffee table. Mix and match plate sizes and styles for custom porcelain vs. stoneware coaster sets. Your tableware set now serves a dual purpose.

  • Table Centerpieces

Create botanical table centerpieces on plates. Place a 4-inch to 6-inch diameter plate rim-side down at the center of a table. Set potted succulents, small flowering plants, or orchids atop plates.

The plant stems slide through the plate openings to hold them upright. As plants grow, the plate hides the pot and excess water for a natural look. Use colored or patterned plates to match your decor.

  • Hanging Ornaments

Turn plates into decorative ornaments to hang. Attach plate hangers, available at most craft stores, to the back of plates according to package directions. The hangers grip securely to plates so you can hang them as wall art.

For extra adornment, knot string or twine around plate hangers before hanging. Or wire two to three plates at different lengths to create a hanging plate pattern. Hang plates on porches, in gazebos, or from trees in your yard.

  • Frame Accents

Attach plates to plain wooden picture frames to make decorative accents. Place a plate slightly larger than your picture frame facedown atop the structure. Run a bead of solid craft glue around the plate's edge to permanently adhere it to the frame.

Choose dessert plates that complement the room's decor, and add a few metallic leaves for shine. The plate trim dresses up and enhances an ordinary frame for custom art.

Final Words

Dessert plates need not languish in cupboards when not in use for dining. With imagination, you can transform them into decorative accents that breathe new life into your home. If you want premium-quality dessert plates, browse MALACASA's unique collection.

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