The Complete Guide to Choosing and Caring for Bone China Dinnerware


  1. Brief history of bone china
  2. Bone china vs. porcelain: Key difference
  3. Characteristics of bone china
  4. Benefits of bone china tableware
  5. Is bone china suitable for everyday use?
  6. Striking a balance: Daily use and special occasions
  7. Choosing the right bone china dinnerware set
  8. Caring for your MALACASA Bone China tableware set
  9. MALACASA: A highly leading brand in the dinnerware industry
  10. Conclusion

Bone China is a kind of ceramic famous for its lightweight and fine characteristics. This material is made up of around 30% bone ash. Bone ash is derived from animal bones, specifically cattle bone. The other major components include kaolin (a type of clay) and quartz. Combining these materials results in the formation of very high-quality products used to make dinnerware sets.

There are a few characteristics that make bone china superior to traditional porcelain. These characteristics make bone china a feasible option to grace your dining table.

Brief history of bone china

Bone china has a fascinating history that traces back to 18th-century England. Its expansion is official to a series of innovations and testing in ceramics. Josiah Spode, a famous potter, is often recognized with the development of bone china around 1794. He experimented with different ceramic configurations, adding bone ash to the clay mixture.

The Industrial Revolution played a vital role in the mass production of bone china. Upgraded manufacturing methods, such as molds and kilns, allowed for larger-scale manufacturing, making bone china more reachable to a broader market.

In the 20th century, the production of bone china extended globally. Numerous countries implemented the production methods, and bone china became a sign of refined dining and luxury worldwide. Different makers, including well-known brands, contributed to various bone china designs.

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Bone china vs. porcelain: Key difference

The manufacturing of bone china involves a complex process. The raw materials, including bone ash, kaolin, and quartz, are mixed to produce a paste. The mixture is then shaped into the desired shape, fired at high temperatures (around 2200°F or 1200°C), and glazed. The firing process is critical for attaining the translucency and strength of bone china.

Porcelain is also made through a multi-step process. The clay is refined, molded, and then fired at high temperatures. The firing temperature for porcelain is usually lower than that of bone china. The result is a thicker and less translucent product compared to bone china.

Characteristics of bone china


Bone china is a very lightweight material. It is lighter as compared to traditional porcelain. This characteristic gives bone china a very delicate and elegant appearance.


Another widely celebrated quality of bone china is its translucency. When exposed to light, it allows some light to pass through it. It gives the dinnerware an exquisite and classy look.

Smooth surface

Bone china has a very smooth and fine surface. The manufacturing process gives the material a smooth and refined look. Firing at high-temperature levels gives the material a very refined finish.

These bone china properties make it a viable option for tableware and decorative items. Its elegant appearance and high durability make it a preferred material to manufacture high-quality dinnerware sets.

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Benefits of bone china tableware

Bone china tableware offers a wide range of benefits that contribute to its increased popularity and desirability:

High strength

Despite its delicate and refined appearance, bone china is famous for its strength and durability. The presence of bone ash in the composition process makes bone china a robust material. This material is less prone to chipping and breakage.

This high durability makes bone china suitable for everyday use, as it can survive the rigors of daily washing and handling.

High resistance level

Bone china is highly resistant to scratching. The smooth and delicate surface of bone china can resist scratches to a great extent. This quality ensures that the dinnerware set will maintain its delicate appearance over time, even if used regularly.

This high resistance to scratching is essential to ensure the longevity and visual charm of the dinnerware set.

Graceful appearance

One of the key reasons for the massive popularity of bone china is its delicate and elegant appearance. The lightweight and refined look of bone china adds a touch of luxury and grace to the dining space.

This material can showcase subtle patterns and designs that enhance the overall visual appeal of the dinnerware, making it a suitable choice for various formal and informal occasions and gatherings.

Enhanced dining experience

The use of bone china can effortlessly enhance the overall dining experience. It has a delicate appearance and adds a touch of luxury to the dining table. Whether you use it for everyday meals, special occasions, or gatherings, the beauty and grace of bone china can enhance the overall quality of the dining atmosphere. It makes every meal even more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing.

Increased versatility

Bone china offers excellent versatility in designs and patterns. There is a wide range of delicate patterns and detailed artwork with various shapes and sizes. This versatility is highly useful in designing different table settings and themes.

It allows the users to create a personalized look at the dining table, bringing their desired patterns and themes.

Is bone china suitable for everyday use?

Despite its delicate appearance, bone china is suitable for everyday use. It is famous for its high strength and durability. It is also highly resistant to chipping and scratching. The inclusion of bone ash increases its strength and robustness to a remarkable level.

Choosing bone china for everyday meals means enjoying unmatched elegance and refinement in your dining space without compromising practicality.

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Striking a balance: Daily use and special occasions

To strike a good balance between daily use and special occasions, consider having a bone china set for daily use and a separate dinnerware set for special occasions. For daily use, you can opt for simpler and versatile designs, while you can choose patterned bone china dinnerware set for formal occasions.

Choosing the right bone china dinnerware set

You need to look at the following factors while choosing the bone china dinnerware set:

  • Select patterns and designs that align with your lifestyle. Simple designs are suitable for everyday use, while elaborate designs are feasible for special occasions.
  • Always invest in high-quality bone china dinnerware. High-quality bone china has a very smooth and refined surface. It is highly resistant to chipping or scratching.
  • Choose a versatile dinnerware set with all the essential pieces you need for different events and gatherings.
  • Choose the bone china dinnerware that reflects your taste and style. Your dinnerware set must align with your home décor.

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Caring for your MALACASA Bone China tableware set

  • Avoid rapid temperature change, as it can lead to cracking. Avoid placing your bone china directly from the refrigerator into hot water.
  • When cleaning the bone china, always use a soft sponge. Harsh cleaning tools can damage the pieces.
  • When storing your bone china tableware set, use dividers between the pieces. Store them in a cool and dry place.
  • Undertake regular inspection of your dinnerware. Keep the pieces in a safe place.

MALACASA: A highly leading brand in the dinnerware industry

The product quality, design aesthetics, durability, and customer service are all on point at MALACASA. A wide range of varieties has elaborate and intricate patterns and designs. The inclination towards minimalism makes MALACASA the updated brand offering contemporary dinnerware sets. To check out the latest collection, click here.


Taking care of your dinnerware set is essential to ensure its longevity and graceful appearance. Investing in a good quality dinnerware set can enhance its lifespan for an extended time.

We strongly recommend you explore MALACASA's latest collection, as you will find the best pieces here at affordable prices.

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