Stylish Dessert Plates: Elevating Your Dining Room Décor


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Your dining room is often where you host gatherings, share meaningful conversations over meals with friends and family, or enjoy a quiet moment of solitude. Given the time we spend in our dining rooms, decorating them to reflect our style and create the right ambience is essential.

A frequently overlooked opportunity to enhance your dining room décor and express your tastes is through the artful arrangement of dessert plates. Dessert plates come in various patterns, colors, materials, and designs.

Carefully selecting and displaying the proper dessert plates can provide the perfect decorative accent, complement your tablescape or wall colors, and pull your dining room look together.

Whether your home décor style is rustic, chic, minimal and contemporary, or bohemian luxe, dessert plates offer an innovative blank canvas for bringing your vision to life.

In this blog post, we will explore how the size, color, pattern, material, and arrangement of dessert plates can be used to decorate your dining room stylishly and creatively.

Size and Color

Dessert plates come in sizes ranging from small accent plates of 6 to 8 inches in diameter to larger dinner-sized plates of 10 inches or more. For a dainty, ornate look in a formal dining room, choose smaller dessert plates that won't overpower the space.

Delicate porcelain dessert plates with lavish gold filigree pair well with crystal glassware and linens. Large stoneware plates create a rustic focal point in a casual dining area, especially when displayed on a plate rack or stand.

Color is another critical element for selecting dessert plates to match your décor. Stick to white porcelain or bone china dessert plates for versatile minimalism. The clean, crisp look of all-white plates provides a blank canvas, allowing other colors in the dining room to shine through. White plates also give dining tables an open, airy feel that is pleasing and soothing.

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On the other end of the spectrum, bold-colored plates make for dramatic accents. Deep teal blue plates instantly energize and transform a space, while burnt sienna plates lend warmth.

Patterns on colorful plates, such as Moroccan tiles or Japanese cherry blossoms, cultivate an exotic sensibility. Grouped on a wall or plate rack, colorfully patterned plates create a statement collage.

Pattern and Finish

Patterns and textures on dessert plates provide another avenue for self-expression. Floral designs in pinks, purples, and teals on porcelain plates evoke a feminine, whimsical sensibility.

Geometric patterns, from Moroccan tiles to Native American prints, create a bohemian yet sophisticated look. Nature-inspired plates featuring leaves, feathers, or shells bring an organic pop of visual interest.

Pair textured stoneware plates with a matte, unglazed finish against a sleek modern dining table for an intriguing contrast. The natural, handcrafted appearance of the stoneware contrasts beautifully with the contemporary glossy surface.

For a harmonious look, choose hammered bronze plates to match hammered bronze table legs or other metallic accents in the room. Smooth glazed plates in porcelain or bone china have a polished, refined appearance that suits more formal spaces.

The lustrous finish catches the light, illuminating the room. Gold filigree or platinum-edged plates on a tablescape glitter and shimmer, conveying lavish elegance and remarkable occasion sensibilities.

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With patterns and textures, you can align dessert plates with a theme you have already established in your dining room or start from scratch, allowing the plates to drive a new theme.

Mix and match patterns for an eclectic collage effect or group plates in similar patterns and colors. Whether floral or geometric, matte or shiny, patterned and textured dessert plates infuse visual depth, warmth, and an artistic flourish.


Porcelain dessert plates offer a blank canvas for any dining room style with their crisp, white appearance. Porcelain plates withstand high heat, making them versatile and durable.

Their non-porous, glossy surface repels stains and scratches, retaining a pristine quality that suits formal spaces. Porcelain plates provide an airy, open feel when arranged on a table or shelf.

For contrast, glazed ceramic plates in zesty colors like cobalt blue or egg yolk yellow add character. Unglazed ceramic plates with visible cracks, pores, and markings have an artisanal, bohemian appeal.

Stoneware plates in natural grey, brown, and beige tones foster an organic, earthy sensibility. Their matte, untreated surface develops a sheen, enhancing their rustic charm.

Glass plates in jewel-toned colors like ruby red, sapphire, and emerald convey lightness and contemporary drama. Glass plates create a luminous, striking statement when arranged or grouped under ambient lighting.

Arrangement and Display

Get creative with different arrangements for visual impact rather than lining up dessert plates in a straight row on a table or shelf. Stack a mix of colorful glass, porcelain, and ceramic plates up on their sides on a console table behind your dining table.

The uneven, towering stacks create height and a sense of abundance. For a floating display, hang dessert plates on the wall using plate racks, wall mounts, or wire. Group plates in a tight cluster or scatter them randomly at varying levels for an artful collage effect.

Flipping dessert plates over so the backside faces out is another arrangement trick showing subtle differences in the plates' contours and textures. The inverted dessert plates become sculptural objects, casting interesting shadows on surfaces.

Metal plate "stands" elevate dessert plates at varying heights for a gallery-style presentation. Use stands on a countertop, table, or mantle and cluster plates close together or position them farther apart, angling some plates for added dynamism.

For a minimal rustic chic look, balance a sizeable rough-hewn wood board or thick wooden platter across two shorter stands or blocks, then arrange a gathering of stoneware dessert plates and tie it all together with twine.

The natural wood base anchors the plates with a sleek yet organic quality. Similarly, a slate board or tray filled with a collected assortment of porcelain, glass, and ceramic plates creates a stylish focal point for a sideboard or console.

Final Words

Dessert plates offer endless possibilities for enhancing your dining room décor and expressing your style. Through choices in size, color, pattern, material, and arrangement, dessert plates provide a blank canvas for creativity and self-expression.

Whether your home décor leans minimal and contemporary or maximalist and eclectic, you can craft a look around dessert plates uniquely suited to your space and tastes. MALACASA offers top-notch quality dessert plates in various materials, designs, and colors to enhance your dining room décor. Contact us today!

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