The Art of Afternoon Tea: Combining Porcelain Dinnerware with Green and Black Teas


  1. Importance of selecting the right porcelain dinnerware
  2. Characteristics of green tea
  3. Characteristics of black tea
  4. Some tips on arranging your porcelain ware
  5. Pairing ideas for light snacks
  6. Maintaining porcelain dinnerware
  7. Conclusion

Tea time is the most cherished time of the day. Picking an appropriate porcelain dinnerware set that complements the values of afternoon tea can increase the quality of the tea experience to a great level. Whether you prefer green or black tea, pairing it with perfect porcelain pieces can help you create some unforgettable moments.

Afternoon tea is the most notable practice that started in the 19th century, and since then, it has taken the rank of a global phenomenon. The classic afternoon tea is combined with some sandwiches and pastries. The tea time is considered important because it is linked with the moments of relaxation and ease.

There are several vital ways to make the tea experience catchier, and using the right porcelain dinnerware to serve the tea and food items is one of the most prominent. Remember, this culinary experience is not about the food but the appreciation of fine tea.

No one can abandon the significance of choosing the appropriate porcelain dinnerware for improving the tea experience. Porcelain, known for its even and classy look, enhances the visual appeal of the table setting.

Importance of selecting the right porcelain dinnerware

Here are a few reasons why choosing the appropriate porcelain dinnerware is crucial to improving the tea experience:

Aesthetic appeal: A polished and glossy finish, graceful designs, and even texture are linked with the porcelain dinnerware pieces. The porcelain dinnerware set has a very aesthetic look that increases sophistication. This fantastic feature of porcelain dinnerware makes it a worthy choice for tea time, making the environment attractive for both the host and guests.

Increased tea appreciation: The porcelain has a thin and gentle material that lets the tea cool faster than other materials (thicker ones). This thin material makes porcelain ideal for sipping and appreciating the odors of afternoon tea. Apart from this, the porcelain cups have sharp edges that allow a more effortless drinking experience.

Unmatched versatility: Porcelain is a very adaptable material. It can be created in diverse shapes and sizes. A broad range of exclusive and stylish porcelain tea cups, saucers, and plates are accessible in the market. Using the porcelain dinnerware at tea time can let you incorporate your customized touch into the table setting, making it a great, unforgettable experience for your guests.

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Selecting the proper porcelain dinnerware set is more than just a hands-on decision. Still, it is also a significant element in bringing an aesthetic appeal and celebrating the cultural experience of afternoon tea. Whether you are a green or black tea lover, both characteristics are highly complemented by the elegant porcelain designs.

Characteristics of green tea

Green tea is famous for its delicate flavors. When you are selecting the right porcelain dinnerware for serving green tea, keep the following essential characteristics in mind:

Light and fresh: The profile of green tea is very light and fresh. Porcelain designs are minimalistic and aesthetic. Serving the grassy tea in the porcelain pieces creates a soft and fresh atmosphere at the dining table.

Transparency: Green tea usually is very light in color. Choosing light-colored and smoothly textured porcelain will allow tea flavors to shine. It is a great way to showcase the lovely hues of the tea. The delicate look of porcelain allows the drinker to appreciate the clarity of the tea.

Cup shapes: It is suggested to select cups with broad openings as it allows the aroma and flavor of green tea to be fully cherished. The cup shape plays a critical role in improving the sipping experience.

Characteristics of black tea

Daring color and designs: Black tea goes well with bold and daring designs. You can use dark-toned porcelain to serve black tea. The darker shade will let you show the bold nature of black tea.

Contrasting: Serving black tea in a dark porcelain piece is the regular practice. But, if you want to be innovative, you can go for contrasting. You can contrast the black tea porcelain dinnerware with a lighter shade. This contrast will improve the visual attention of your guests, making your dining area look more customized.

Teapot selection: A teapot with a strong handle is suggested while serving black tea. It will help you to pour the tea quickly. Your teapot design must align with the boldness of black tea while preserving a sense of grace and sophistication.

Some tips on arranging your porcelain ware

Consider the following significant tips to arrange your porcelain pieces for the perfect tea time:

Tea set placement: Your tea set must be placed in a visually attractive manner. Place the teapot at the center of the table or the area where you are serving your guests. Ensure that your tea cups and saucers are aligned around the teapot. To add visual interest, you can use tiered trays to serve snacks.

Color coordination: Choose the tea set that complements the texture of your tea. As mentioned earlier, for green tea, choose the set with lighter tones; for black tea, select the porcelain with darker tones.

Use of accessories: You can enhance the look of the serving area with the correct use of accessories. Add the sugar bowl and an elegant bowl to place tea bags. Place the teaspoons in the holder. Ensure to align these accessories so that the table setting looks coordinated.

Floral centerpiece:  You can place a simple, floral centerpiece that complements the theme of your porcelain. You can also add fresh flowers in an elegant vase to make your setting look sophisticated.

Pairing ideas for light snacks

Green tea:

  • You can serve sushi or cucumber sandwiches with green tea. These snacks' light flavors perfectly complement green tea's fresh profile.
  • You can also select the fresh fruit platter as it complements the green tea quite nicely. The refreshing quality of fruits suits the fresh appeal of green tea.

Black tea: 

  • Consider serving Bold and hearty pastries with black tea. These pastries pair quite well with the robust flavors of black tea.
  • You can also serve dark chocolate as it perfectly aligns with the boldness associated with black tea.
  • You can also serve crackers that go well with the more robust flavor of black tea.

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Maintaining porcelain dinnerware 

  • Porcelain dinnerware is typically sensitive and delicate. To ensure its longevity, hand wash the pieces carefully.
  • Always use a soft sponge while cleaning the porcelain dinnerware set.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes. Avoid placing hot porcelain directly into cold water.
  • Although the porcelain dinnerware sets are microwave or oven-safe, it is safe to avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures.
  • Periodically inspect your porcelain dinnerware set to ensure the signs of damage.
  • Store your porcelain dinnerware set in a dry and cool environment. 


A good quality porcelain set can improve the quality of the tea experience to a drastic level. Whether serving green or black tea, follow the tips and tricks mentioned in this guide to create the best environment during tea time.

To ensure the longevity of the porcelain dinnerware set, handle it with care. Use a soft sponge to clean the pieces and place them gently.

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