5 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Dinner Plates

Discover the five creative ways to personalize your dinner plate sets for a more pleasant dining experience!

Tableware is more than just cutlery, especially the dinner plates on your table. It is a way to express your taste and aesthetic sense. And wouldn’t it be great if you could personalize your dinner plate set according to your style?

The good news is that you don’t always have to rely on the manufacturers for the designs, colors, and art on the cutlery you purchase for your home. If you have a plain dinner set, and you want to make your dinner set plates more vibrant, you can do it on your own. Even you can give a new birth to your old dinner plates with the decorative techniques we are going to list today.

So let’s get straight into it.

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What Are The Benefits Of Personalizing Dinner Plates?

You must be excited to know how to personalize your dinner set plates, bowls, and other cutlery items. But before we jump onto that, here are some benefits of personalizing your dinnerware.

· Add A Personal Touch

The most convincing and obvious reason why someone would like to personalize their cutlery items will be to add a personal touch to everything they own. If you want your guests to feel the warmth of your personal taste, having personalized tableware is perfect for doing this job. Therefore, adding a customized touch to your dinner set plates, bowls, and pots will perfectly depict your aesthetic sense.

· Completes The Dining Experience

Even before, when your guests taste the food, the first impression in their mind will be of the tableware and crockery selected on the dining table. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that no matter how good food you have served to your guests, they might not enjoy the meal if the cutlery is not complementing the food. If you don’t have cutlery that can work as an appetizer, you can choose to decorate it, so your guests can have a complete dining experience at your parties.

· Personalized Crockery For Different Occasions

A Halloween party with black & white avatars around the dinner table will be complete if you have something like dinner plates with skulls painted. Similarly, how would a confetti dinner plate sound for dinner at your birthday party?

You can use different decorative techniques to decorate your dinner set for different occasions. You can also choose permanent or temporary impact techniques to surprise your guests whenever they visit you for an occasion.

· Rebirth Of Old Dinnerware

Not always, but sometimes the decorative techniques can be a savior to your old crockery whose prints were just getting lighter. Yes, you can give new birth to your dinner plate sets and bowls with personalized decorations and re-painting them by using any decorative technique.

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5 Creative Ways To Personalize And Decorate Your Dinner Plates

Can’t wait anymore to learn the creative ways of personalizing and decorating your dinner plates?

Here we go:

1. Hand Painting

Hand painting is the most common and handy way to personalize your dinner plates. However, it wouldn’t be a great idea if you were not good at art.

But here is a tip for you:

If you think you want to hand-paint your dinner plates and are not confident about your strokes, you can use different stencils available in the market to paint your dinner set.

So how does the hand-painting work?

You’re good to go if you have food-safe markers or non-toxic specialty paints for porcelain or Glass.

What else you will need is your dinner set plate. The non-toxic colors will stay on plates for quite a while. They might not be dishwasher safe, but you can save the color for longer by hand-washing the painted dishes. And if you want to paint your glass plates, you can paint the bottom surface so that the colors will never come in contact with the food.

Once you have finished painting your plates, bake them at 375 degrees for 45 minutes. Let the plates cool, and you’re good to go!

2. Decoupage Your Dinner Set Plates With Your Taste

Decoupage is yet another decorative technique you can use for your porcelain, ceramic, or glass dinner plate set. Glass is usually the most popular material for decoupage techniques. Still, porcelain plates can also be a good medium for transparent decoupage paper, napkins, tissue paper, etc.

So how does it work?

Decoupage is a relatively inexpensive and quick technique to add your personal touch to the designs. You can use the decoupage tissue papers of different designs and prints. All you have to do is clean the surface of your dinner plates. It is better if you already have white plates. In another case, you would need to apply a coat of white non-toxic paint, so the decoupage can be visible.

The next step is the application of the decoupage glue on the top surface in the case of porcelain plates. Modpodge is the most popular glue for this purpose. After applying the glue to the plate, carefully place the tissue on the plate. You will only need the first layer of decoupage tissue with print on it. Once the tissue is dried completely, apply the glossy glue to work as a seal to tissue paper.

Decoupage can be done with pictures, shapes, confetti, newspaper cuttings, etc. These materials are more feasible options for glass plates, where you can use the bottom surface of plates for decoupage. However, the toxic chemicals of the picture cuttings and newspaper cuttings make them unfit for the top surface, where they will come in contact with the food.

3. Sharpie Dinner Plates Set

Yet another creative and exciting way to decorate your dinner set plates is with sharpie markers. If you love to doodle and want a similar touch in your pottery, you will need food-safe sharpie markers and white plates to get started. You can also use stencils for cleaner designs and perfect shapes. You can also write anything on your plates if you want a minimalistic yet decorative touch to the dinnerware.

Once you complete the work with sharpie markers, let the plates bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes straight. It will make your design semi-permanent that won’t go off for a reasonable period if you wash dishes by hand. If you want to risk the DIY sharpie dinner set plates with the dishwasher, you can try it and let us know if the sharpie markers stayed!

4. Gold Leaf Art

Gold and silver leaf are perfect for the job if you want that glam look of your dinnerware for the upcoming dinner party. You won’t need to spend thousands to get that dreamy dinner set when you can turn your plain white dinner set into luxury dinnerware. Besides, using gold or silver leaf to create your DIY dinner set plates is a food-safe, inexpensive, and easy method.

Apply the adhesive on your plates in the pattern you want and wait a minute until the adhesive dries a little bit. Now start applying the gold or silver leaf with a brush. You can also use your fingers to smoothen the plate’s metal leaf to avoid bubbles. Brush off the access metal leaf and apply the sealer on the plate. Let the dishes dry, and you’re good to go!

5. Etching Your Dinner Plates

Lastly, etching is also a useful technique to decorate your dinnerware classily. Etching your dinnerware gives it a frosted look, and the best thing about this technique is that it is food- and dishwasher-safe. However, etching is most common for glass dinnerware. You can apply etching cream on the bottom surface, which doesn’t hurt the top surface. However, if you are thinking of frosting your ceramic or porcelain dinnerware, drop the idea, as the etched surface of your crockery will become home to leftover food, stains, and dirt.

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Final Words

We hope you have picked one of the suitable techniques for personalizing your dinner set plates to surprise your guests at the next dinner or lunch party. If you are looking for plain dinner set plates, you can check out our exclusive collections of dinner plates set of 12 or as much as you want to get started with your creativity!

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