Addressing Premature Deterioration of Bone China Dinnerware


  1. Major challenges associated with bone china
  2. Identifying the root causes of bone china deterioration
  3. Educating consumers on proper care
  4. Addressing manufacturing concerns
  5. Responsive customer service

Bone China is a type of porcelain that is quite famous for its strength and elegance. It is made from a special combination of bone ash, feldspathic material, and kaolin. The presence of bone ash gives this material some unique properties, including robustness and translucency.

Bone china is indeed elegant and delicate. But it also brings out some real challenges. You may encounter some unexpected challenges while using bone china. You must be aware of these potential challenges and handle them accordingly.

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Major challenges associated with bone china

Below are some major challenges associated with bone china. Knowing them is necessary to undertake timely considerations.

Premature sticking and glaze issues

Some major issues like bowl sticking and glaze deterioration can be quite frustrating. Bowl sticking together can be caused by moisture trapped between them. Also, there may be microscopic irregularities in the glaze. To avoid this situation, ensure that your bowls are completely dried before stacking them together for storage purposes. You can also dust talcum powder to avoid sticking.

On the other hand, glaze deterioration can occur due to a number of different factors. Some of the most common factors include harsh cleaning agents, high temperature levels and exposure to acidic food items. To avoid the issue of glaze deterioration, you must avoid using harsh cleaning agents and scrubbing pads. Always use a soft cloth and mild detergent to clean the bone china pieces. Moreover, try not to expose your dinnerware to extremely high temperature as it can cause the glaze to crack.

Disappointment and reluctance to repurchase

Customer’s disappointment and reluctance to purchase bone china dinnerware negatively impact the brand reputation and customer satisfaction. Due to these unexpected issues, a large number of people avoid purchasing bone china sets.

It is important to understand the actual root cause of premature deterioration of bone china dinnerware to maintain its delicate appearance for a long time.

Identifying the root causes of bone china deterioration

There are some major root causes that lead to premature deterioration of bone china dinnerware. Some of the major ones are:

Improper handling and storage

Improper handling and storage can damage the delicate nature of bone china pieces. Stacking bone china pieces directly on one another can lead to scratching or chipping. Using harsh and abrasive cleaners can damage the smooth and delicate surface of bone china dinnerware.

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Moisture can also damage bone china over time. Placing pieces in a humid area can damage their strength and elegance. Additionally, prolonged exposure to heat or sunlight can damage the glaze on the bone china.

While the majority of the bone china pieces are oven-safe, it is still feasible to check the manufacturer’s guidelines before placing the pieces in the microwave or oven. Harsh exposure to metal utensils also affects the smooth surface of bone china. It can lead to different types of scratches on the surface.

Potential manufacturing defects

Manufacturing defects can also lead to premature deterioration of bone china dinnerware. If the glaze is applied unevenly or is too thin in some areas, it can lead to the formation of weak spots that further lead to chipping or cracking.

Any kind of impurities in the bone ash, feldspathic material, or kaolin can make the bone china pieces weak and fragile. The impurities weaken the final product and lead to premature deterioration.

Moreover, improper firing temperature can cause the pieces to either under-fire or over-fire. It negatively impacts the durability and strength of the material. Inadequate quality control measures result in the formation of defective dinnerware that can also lead to customer dissatisfaction. In some situations, the flaws in design can lead to damage of bone china pieces. For example, weak spots in the structure or areas prone to excessive stress.

Educating consumers on proper care

Educating consumers is necessary to maintain the pristine condition of bone china dinnerware. Follow these key points to prolong the life span of your bone china pieces:

  • Handle the bone china pieces with care to avoid any chipping or cracking.
  • Don’t stack the pieces directly on top of one another. Doing so can cause scratching and chipping.
  • Always use a soft sponge or cloth to wash the bone china dinnerware. You must also avoid using harsh detergent and scrubbing pads.
  • Store bone china in a dry environment to prevent the formation of moisture. Know that the presence of moisture can potentially cause glaze deterioration.
  • Consider using soft pads or dividers between the pieces before stacking them together. Using the dividers can prevent scratching and chipping.
  • Never store bone china dinnerware near any source of heat or direct sunlight. It can also cause glaze deterioration.
  • Avoid any sudden temperature change. Never place a cold bone china in the hot oven and vice versa.
  • Check manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure your bone china is oven- and dishwasher-friendly.
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Addressing manufacturing concerns

Addressing manufacturing concerns is necessary to ensure the production of high-quality material. Manufacturers must take their time to investigate and sort out quality control issues.

They must conduct a detailed investigation to identify the root causes of quality issues. It may include carefully reviewing the manufacturing processes and sourcing of raw material etc. Manufacturers must incorporate robust quality control measures at every single stage of production. There must be a deep inspection from selection of raw material to the formation of the final product.

It is also important to provide adequate training to the employees regarding the proper manufacturing and quality control techniques. It is significant to prevent future issues and ensure that all employees are well aware of the quality standards.

It is also vital to work closely with the suppliers to ensure that the raw material meets all the quality standards. Establishing a strong and healthy relationship with the suppliers can surpass these potential issues.

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Responsive customer service

Offering responsive customer service is crucial to address the premature deterioration of bone china dinnerware. Responsive customer service can also help in regaining customer trust and satisfaction.

Respond to customers' concerns and inquiries in a timely manner. Provide a wide range of resolution options such as refund, product replacement or credits etc. It is also important to ensure clear communication with the customer. Provide regular updates to keep the customer informed.

Show empathy and kindness towards consumer’s frustration. Always seek feedback to understand and address the underlying quality control issues and concerns. Follow-up the customer after the resolution of the issue to ensure their satisfaction.

There are certain factors that can lead to premature deterioration of bone china dinnerware. From potential manufacturing defects to improper handling, these issues negatively impact the strength and grace of bone china pieces. It is important to educate the consumer about proper handling and storage techniques. Manufacturers must also ensure the quality standards to avoid the production of defective pieces.

Offering responsive customer service is also necessary to build a strong customer trust and satisfaction. Respond to customer’s concerns timely and seek feedback after the resolution of the issue.

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