Why Bone China Dinnerware is the Ultimate Choice for Your Next Event


  1. What Is Bone China Dinnerware?
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  3. Advantages of Bone China Dinnerware
  4. Durability And Strength Comparison
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Whether we want to celebrate an achievement, a birthday, or even have a corporate gathering, food is undisputedly the common thing regardless of evolution in traditions over the centuries. Therefore, we cannot undermine the importance of tableware used to serve food, be it a private party, an intimate dinner, or a business gathering.

The type of tableware used plays an important role in the overall presentation of the dinner table, sets the right mood for an exceptional dining experience, and adds to the environment's visual appearance.

Bone China is a popular dinnerware material and is considered one of the top-quality ceramics. If we talk about the history of bone China material, Thomas Frye in East London was the first person to develop it at his Bow Porcelain Factory in 1748. Josiah Spode first developed the modern-day bone China dinnerware in the early 1790s.

Bone China is indeed one of the premium dinnerware materials, but there are other reasons, too, why you should consider it for a better dining experience. Today, we will discuss the advantages of bone China dinnerware and compare different types of dinnerware materials. So let's get into it.

What Is Bone China Dinnerware?

As already mentioned, bone China is one of the popular materials used for manufacturing dinnerware and tableware for personal and business purposes. As the name suggests, bone China was initially developed by using animal bones to make bone ash used in manufacturing. In essence, bone China is a type of ceramic, but it has the highest durability and chip resistance of all other types of ceramics.

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If we talk about the composition of bone China, here are the materials used in its manufacturing process:

Traditional Combination

If we talk about the conventional practices to make bone China includes the following:

Bone Ash

Mostly derived from cattle like ox, cows, etc., a 50% ratio of bone ash is used in the formulation of bone China. The bones of animals are crushed and calcined at 1000 °C to get bone ash, which is used in the process.


25% of kaolin is used for the manufacturing of bone China.

Cornish Stone

The remaining 25% is Cornish stone in the formation of bone China.

Modern Day Substitute

Getting bones and processing them might not be a sustainable method. Therefore, many commercial manufacturers use hydroxyapatite compounds from rock sources. The appropriate quantities of these rock-derived hydroxyapatite compounds are in conformation with standards of accepted bone China material. The quality and appearance of the resulting bone China also conform with the accepted standards.

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Advantages of Bone China Dinnerware

Let's discuss the advantages of bone China dinner, so you know why bone China should be in your dinnerware collection.

High-Quality Durable Material

Let's start with the quality and durability of bone China dinnerware. It is the highest and finest quality of ceramics available in the market. Since bone China undergoes double firing during the manufacturing stage, it is delicate yet better than ordinary porcelain treated with fire once during manufacturing.


The warm hues, luxurious appeal, and translucency of the bone China dinnerware are also unique to this type of dinnerware. The overall appearance of dinnerware enhances when placed in front of a light to experience the blend of whiteness and light transmission. Due to its outlook and features, bone China dinnerware is a royal symbol. It is a compelling reason to select the best bone China dinnerware for your special guests.

Light In Weight Yet Has Better Strength

When we are talking about the advantages of bone China dinnerware, some features of the material become its advantages. Bone China is light in weight, more robust, and yet has better resistance to falls & chipping. The lighter weight of bone China is simultaneously a feature and advantage for it. Therefore, it is easy to handle the dinnerware and will stay with you for years to come.

Food Safe Material

When considering the tableware and specifically the dinner sets, food safety of paints, prints, and materials is one of the biggest concerns. When it comes to bone China, the good thing is that bone ash has calcium phosphate, an amino acid. Even in glaze fire treatment, it has the lowest quantities of lead or mercury content. Therefore, you can eat in bone China dinnerware without being worried about toxins intake along with your food.

Microwave Safe

Several tests have been conducted to test the thermal resistance of bone China. Luckily, most bone China tableware has been found to retain its composition and shape even at high temperatures. Therefore, most types of bone China are declared microwave-safe. However, you should confirm with the manufacturer or seller about the microwave safety of your bone China dinnerware.

Dishwasher Safe

You can also wash your bone China dinnerware in the dishwasher, making it easy to maintain and clean. However, ensure the water temperature is around 70 °C for washing. Besides, don't place the bone China dinnerware items in the wrong slots of dishwashers.

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Durability And Strength Comparison

Bone China

Bone China is the highest quality ceramic that can:

  • Resist high temperatures without getting altered
  • Thinner yet sturdy
  • Highest durability and life with good fall resistance and chipping resistance


If we talk about the stoneware dinner sets, they are chip-resistant, sturdy but when it comes to durability,

  • Stoneware can get cracks when exposed to high temperatures
  • Stoneware has a porous appearance and can be home to bacteria; it implies you cannot use stoneware for many years


Porcelain and bone China are formulated using clay, but what adds to the durability & sturdiness of bone China is the ability to sustain high temperatures, and less likely to be chipped or cracked due to less brittleness. Therefore, it is safe to say that bone China is more durable and sturdy than the best quality porcelain.

Final Words

After reading all the benefits and comparisons of bone China compared to other types of dinnerware, you must be convinced about including bone China dinnerware for the next party in your backyard.

You can find the finest quality bone China dinnerware and items here. You can check the bone China collection and get the right one for your dining table!

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