5 Proven Tips for Maintaining Your Porcelain Dinnerware

We've been keeping an eye on porcelain dinnerware from catering companies for home use. Although many of us still don't know how to maintain our porcelain dinnerware. In fact, that is why they break and vanish one by one.

Understanding porcelain is very easy; afterward, you will be able to know how it is actually made and what needs to be done while cleansing it. Knowing about porcelain dinnerware and how to care for it will provide you with valuable experience.

Every home or family preserves porcelain for special occasions. So, it requires a lot of attention to keep them safe. Managing your porcelain dinnerware isn't a tough job to do, but it will make you attentive to it. Having a porcelain dining set at home or in the kitchen is fantastic, but keeping it in its regular shape and number is difficult. For that, you must know the tips for maintaining your porcelain dinnerware.

Luckily, today, we have some of the best tips for maintaining your porcelain dinnerware. These tips are essential for every family member to know, so they can take care of their porcelain dinnerware. In fact, these are the only ways to keep your porcelain tableware safe from dust, cracking, and breaking and in good condition for a long time.

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First off, Remember these six attributes:

  • Many of us pick the food out of the porcelain dinnerware and heat it in a microwave oven. Although, it is a foolish way to do something like this. It will certainly erode the gold edges, and the design won't be the same afterward.
  • If you are using the lotion on porcelain dinnerware, make sure its PH level is between 11 and 11.5 because ceramics are afraid of alkalis.
  • When cleaning or washing the porcelain dinnerware, make sure that the water temperature remains below 80 °C. If it exceeds that temperature, then it may break or crack.
  • The majority of us wash the porcelain in hot water and then rinse it in cold water. Never do such a thing; otherwise, there can be huge damage to the bacteria due to the rapid temperature changes.
  • Sometimes, when some scratches appear on the porcelain dinnerware, we try diverse things and, in the end, we make it worse. Instead, using toothpaste to polish it will remove the majority of the scratches.
  • Porcelain dinnerware gets stained very easily, like very common tea stains. So using lemon juice or vinegar is the way to clean it. So if your porcelain dinnerware ever gets a stain, never use strong detergent on it; you will wreck all the design on it. So just use lemon juice or vinegar on it to clean it.

5 tried-and-true methods for keeping your porcelain dinnerware in good condition

Always go for dry clothes.

We often believe that it doesn't matter what cloth we use, whether dry or wet; we just take it and clean the porcelain dinnerware with it. So never do such a thing. The crockery, like porcelain dinnerware, is a lot different than the rest of them. Use dry clothes instead of wet ones. Moreover, if you want to make it more professional, use microfiber. Microwaves are useful because they have negative electrodes that help to pull the dust away from the surface of the dishes. It prevents the electrodes from spreading around the porcelain dinnerware.

Dust with a soft-bristled brush.

A soft-bristled brush is the best to clean the dust more efficiently from the porcelain dinnerware. It may look a bit overwhelming, but if you want to remove the dust thoroughly, a soft-bristled brush is the best tool.

Use warm water and mild detergent.

For porcelain dinnerware, everything should be perfect. Never use water that is too hot. Warm water with a mild detergent is the best way to wash porcelain dinnerware. Other than that, use the plastic basin rather than the others we usually use. Or you can place carpet padding on the bottom and edges of the basin because a slight touch can break your porcelain dinnerware.

When you've finished washing it, lay out some paper towels on the counter and place your porcelain dinnerware on them. Now rinse with warm water, and then use towels for patting.

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Important Tips for Porcelain Dinnerware Storage:

We know porcelain dishes are very elegant and require proper care. A little damage to it or rough use can make its beauty completely vanish. As a result, proper dinnerware storage is critical.

The reason placing them in the right way is important is because it doesn't come in pieces for six people or more. So, a single tic or slight damage will completely destroy the appearance of your tableware.

First things first, never crowd the porcelain items. Make sure to leave enough space between them when storing them. If they collide, then they can break at any time. Keeping them apart will save your plates from wear and tear, even when you want to take them out of storage.

While taking out the porcelain dinnerware, never slide them out, but instead lift the plates from the stack. If you take them out by sliding them, it will cause scratches. Moreover, never let your children take the porcelain dinnerware out of storage. Do it yourself.

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Porcelain dinnerware is an expensive item, no matter how many there are. It looks very good on the table; in fact, the whole ambiance looks great with it. So, keeping it in good condition is an excellent way to keep it in good shape for a long time. The above tips for maintaining porcelain dinnerware are the most effective. So, start following these to keep your porcelain dinnerware in the best shape.

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