4 tips for creating a stunning presentation of your festive dinner upon a modern porcelain set

Making the very first impression, the presentation of your festive dinner remains of prime importance. You spent several hours preparing and cooking the meal but transitioning your food to the plate can make all the difference. Many researchers suggest that we engage all our senses while eating a meal. A great presentation can elevate the perceived taste and make the meals much more enjoyable.

We have rounded up a few basic techniques and principles for adding a bit of dazzle and delight to any festive meal. Our recommendation is to use modern porcelain dinnerware sets that are versatile and durable enough to work with any meal or occasion. Following are a few tips for creating a stunning presentation of your festive dinner upon a modern porcelain set.

Tip 1: Choosing the perfect plate for displaying your festive dinner:

Serving as the base or foundation of your delicious meals, a plate can determine the overall look of your dish. Porcelain plates are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles to present your festive dinner with perfection. Vibrant dishes, infused with a lot of color work best with ivory plates. A neutral color or ivory porcelain dinner would not compete with the food and help your meals to stand out even more. A neutral yet charming option for your festive meals remains marble-textured dinnerware. Adding a graceful touch of luxury to your meals, it is sure to bring a festive spark to the dinner.

For monochromatic dishes or sidelines such as mashed potatoes or roasted cauliflower, consider modern porcelain dinnerware that can spruce up the presentation. A simple trick remains to play with the shape of the plate. You can use rectangular plates or one with a wavy silhouette to add a bit of character to the dish. Lastly, consider the size of your serving plate. Make sure you select a plate that is not too large and makes your meals appear wholesome and abundant. At the same time, the serving plate should not be too small which your plate feel overstuffed. Leaving adequate space on the sides is a must for creating an impressive and appealing presentation of your meals.

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Tip 2: Elevate your festive meals with contrasting colors and textures:

Another key feature that defines the presentation of a dish remains the variety of colors and textures. Try using highly contrasting colors that can bring a dose of flavor and texture to elevate the overall experience of the food. One of the simplest ways to bring color and texture to your festive meals remains to add fruits and vegetables to the plate. If you are plating your holiday pork tenderloins or roasted beef, then layering with vegetable sides such as brussel sprouts, carrots, or sweet potatoes can add contrasting color and a wow factor to the dish. Similarly, pumpkin pies garnished with a handful of berries, pecans, or whipped cream, can impress your guest and invite them for the perfect bite.

Another great way to integrate colors and flavors into your festive dinner is to add sauce and garnishes. You can sweep the sauce on the bottom of the plate to add color and a flavorful base to the meal. The addition of edible flowers, sprigs, and herbs can all vouch for the perfect garnish, adding a refreshing dash of color to your plating. One of the best complements to holiday dinner remains rosemary sprigs that resemble evergreen needles, bringing a festive touch. Whether using modern or antique porcelain dinnerware, a variety of colors and textures on the plate can make the dish stand out.

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Tip 3: Beautiful layer and add height to your serving plate:

The layering and arrangement of food can transform your festive dinner into Instagram-worthy meals and a true visual treat for your guest. A common mistake that many of us do is to separate and spread out the food. Even though it may fill the plate, it can vouch for a flat presentation. The basic technique to follow is to layer your food from the bottom to the top. This way you can add height and a bit of visual drama to your porcelain dinnerware. If you presenting slices of meatloaf, layer it partially above one another to add height and make the food feel more abundant.

It can be even more exciting to layer different kinds of food together for a stunning presentation. Again you need to layer each food from bottom to top. For a classic meal such as steak and mashed potato, create a thick bottom layer with mashed potatoes and then put the steak above it. Finish it off with rosemary garnish to create a simple yet eye-catching presentation. You can always use a mold to bring height and character to each component of the dish. For example, rice presented in a high circular form can vouch for a more elevated display of your meals. One exception remains the sauce. It is better to spread the sauce on the surface of the plate to add color and prevent your meat from becoming soggy. Even when you are layering on casual porcelain dinnerware, following the right techniques can enable you to create an attractive presentation.


Tip 4: Give the perfect finishing touches with edible and visually appealing garnishes:

Garnishes remain the final touch that can bring perfection and a wow factor to your festive dinners. A garnish can be anything from herbs and sauce to a final swipe of butte. Ideally, the garnish should be edible and adds to the taste profile of the dish. Try to choose a garnish that adds contrasting colors and textures to your plate to really make the food stand out.

Always wipe the rim of the plate and neaten it up before garnishing. Then choose a garnish that can enhance both the flavor and visual appeal of the meal. Herbs and leaves including rosemary, thyme, parsley, and basil leave all go well with meaty dinners. It can add a refreshing dose of color while enhancing the flavor and aroma of the meal. For a fancier touch opt for edible flowers including Calendula, Pansies, and Jasmines. It can add a vibrant pop of color and make your dish stand out. Even the addition of simple vegetables such as lime, lemons, tomatoes, and asparagus can serve as the perfect garnish to make your holiday meals more enjoyable.

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These basic principles and techniques can be applied to any kind of food. Always start with the right serving plate. Choose the size that complements your portion size and makes it feel abundant but not overcrowded. Complement a bright or colorful dinner with white or neutral-colored plates. Colors and textures remain of prime importance when presenting a dish. Add contrasting colors and texture with fruits, vegetables, sauces, and garnishes.

The most important step remains to carefully layer and arrange the plate. Start from the bottom and keep layering towards the top. It is very important to leave adequate space on the sides to make the dish stand out. Lastly, use edible garnish that can add contrasting colors and elevate the taste and aroma of your festive meals. Remember to arrange with finesse on beautiful porcelain dinnerware. Neaten up and wipe out the rim to create an Instagram-worthy dish that can wow your guest and pays off all your hard work.

We at MALACASA invite you to check out our exclusive collection of dinnerware. With a large variety of modern, antique, and even handmade porcelain dinnerware sets, we have the one that can perfectly befit your home and make your festive dinners more special.

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